Telecom for Change is a 501(c)(3) recognized organization comprised of telecom agents and carriers that dedicate their time and resources to provide aid to grassroots charities across the US. Since our inception in 2014, we’ve raised $1 million for local grassroots charities. Local charities often overlooked and underfunded, depend on Telecom for Change to provide game-changing donations that go directly to the cause rather than administrative costs.

This is how the idea of Telecom For Change came about. We truly believe that this partnership will have a serious impact.


Angie Tocco

Co-Founder/Owner, LanYap Networks & Telecom for Change

Angie is the Co-Founder and President of Telecom for Change. She is a 35-year veteran of the telecom industry and her career has included a variety of roles including project management, operations, sales and upper management. Angie co-founded LanYap Networks with Laura Dashney in 2011.

Angie was inspired to create Telecom for Change as a means to incorporate her philanthropic passion into work life. Through Telecom for Change events, people in the industry are brought together with a common goal besides collecting business cards – making a real change for a grassroots charity.

Angie is a proud member of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, and much of her volunteer service has been focused on charities that benefit women and children. As many of the socioeconomic challenges faced by Americans today disproportionately affect women and children, this is also where Telecom for Change’s energy has been focused.

An avid dog lover, Angie has volunteered for several dog rescues and served a two-year term on the Board of Directors for Gabriel’s Angels, an organization that provides therapy dogs to at-risk children.  Her current project is training her newest adopted mutt, Beau, to channel his energy into activities other than vertical leaping.

Laura Dashney

Co-Founder/Owner, LanYap Networks & Telecom for Change

Laura is the Co-Founder and Vice-President of Telecom for Change.  A born entrepreneur, she is driven each day by her passion for taking care of her customers.  As such partnering with Angie Tocco to create LanYap Networks in 2011 was a natural progression to taking her already thriving business to the next level.  She has been in the telecom industry for more than 20 years and brings strategy, management and leadership experience to the team.

A zealous technology enthusiast, Laura is the mother of two beautiful girls and when she is not taking care of her clients, she is spending time with her daughters, family and the family we choose.  In addition to time spent with Telecom for Change, she enjoys volunteering her time and contributing to various local charities in her community.

Laura’s involvement in Telecom for Change and the vision to bring the telecom industry together to make a difference in people’s lives was a natural fit for her belief in community and paying it forward.  By coming together and giving together, Telecom for Change has the ability to make a much greater impact than giving individually.

Brad Dupee

Director of National Channel Sales, Granite

Brad Dupee is an entrepreneur and channel sales leader bringing new teams, products and companies to market via telecom/IT channel partnership and sales for over 20 years. He currently runs Channel Development for Granite Telecommunications, the country’s largest national CLEC, having a remarkable story of being the “Benevolent Business Network Service Provider”, where corporate leadership and their Granite teammates are credited with donating north of $200M to hundreds of charities to date. Brad is also a co-founder of his family of five and enjoys spending time with them in the mountains of Colorado where they reside.

Steering Committee


Michael Sterl

Senior Vice President, Intelisys

A visionary in the telecom world, Michael has spent more than a decade working in the Channel, most notably as the co-founder and EVP of Sales for SimpleSignal. Michael served as the Regional VP of Channel Sales at Vonage Business after the company acquired SimpleSignal in 2014.

Today, as co-founder and CEO of Carve Digital, Michael and his team provide Marketing-as-a-Service, Strategic Channel Consulting for service providers, partners, and master agents. Leveraging sales enablement tools, data-driven strategies and inbound marketing campaigns, Carve Digital helps clients improve ROI through strategic initiatives that drive revenue, empower sales teams and develop deeper relationships with customers.

Patrick Wefers

President, Infinium Communications

Heading client services at Infinium Communications is Patrick Wefers, who has nearly 20 years of telecommunications experience, starting in 1992 in equipment sales for AT&T. After five years, Patrick moved over to the carrier side of the industry. He has since worked in sales, engineering, operations and management AT&T, MCI/WorldCom and XO Communications. Patrick has served and continues to be a part of many Carrier advisory committees.

Patrick’s main goal is to make his customers happy. He thoroughly understands the frustrations caused by trying to navigate the telecom landscape, especially when unfamiliar with telecom terminology or hidden dangers in carrier contracts. Patrick gets great satisfaction out of knowing the services provided by Infinium help businesses reduce their expenses, increase their efficiencies, and most of all, reduce stress and headaches.

Patrick’s family is originally from Germany, where he carries dual citizenship. So despite being a California native himself, Patrick is fluent in German! He met his wife playing competitive volleyball, and in his spare time, he enjoys coaching his son’s soccer team.

Carol Beering

Consultant, Bedrock Advisors

Carol Beering brings over 25 years of successful telecom and management experience to the Telecom for Change Steering Committee, making her instrumental in helping to guide the foundation’s mission, lend credibility and raise awareness of the causes and charities supported by Telecom for Change. In addition to her role as Senior Vice President, Sales Operations, for Intelisys, Carol serves as a formal mentor to several companies in the telecom channel, helping them to build successful sales operations processes and teams. As a member of the Intelisys Executive Leadership Team, Carol helps to lead strategic planning and execution of the overall Intelisys business plan. As part of this, Carol has helped to facilitate the employee contribution match through Intelisys, which sees the company match any qualifying charitable or non-profit contribution by an employee. Between June 2015 and June 2016, for instance, Intelisys donated over $43,000 to education, medical research, memorial funds, fire relief and restoration projects, and Toys for Tots, among many others. Carol has been a member of the Telecom for Change Board of Directors since its inception in 2014.

Scott Kinka

Chief Technology Officer, Evolve IP

Veteran commercial technologist with heavy experience in bringing MSP and cloud offerings to the midmarket. Founding Partner and CTO of Evolve IP. Recognized Technology Expert having appeared on CBS and Fox news, as well as featured in USA Today, CIO Magazine, Business Week, and Inc., among others. Evolve IP was recently recognized as the Top Charitable Company in Philadelphia for its Evolve Cares program which has raised over $4.3 million dollars and volunteered over 4000 hours to over 45 organizations. Scott is also the Chairman of The Federation of Stones Leagues which seeks to promote Environmental Stewardship and Urban Renewal through the reclamation of underutilized urban settings for social activities.

Neely Loring

Vice President, Spectrotel

Neely Loring is President of Matrix, a premier datacenter and IT resource, offering customized solutions for growth, integration and technology for the mid-sized business market. Founded, in 1998, on Loring’s conviction of providing datacenter services and hosted solutions for customers who need the service, but don’t need or want to build a datacenter, Matrix has fine-tuned the core competencies, best practices and best-of-breed approach to providing solutions for our customers for more than 18 years.

As the President of a business that depends on the success of the Indirect Sales Channel system, Loring is heavily invested in victories of businesses within the industry. He is interconnected in ways that allow Matrix the breadth to offer the full spectrum of technology, yet only pursue the business that is the right fit.

Loring enjoys time with his two young boys and finance, on his boat,  fishing and the occasional rounds of golf. However, you will see him most animated and inspired when he is brainstorming, negotiating, planning and strategizing. If you are fortunate enough to spend a few minutes with Loring or hear him speak, it will be a great investment of time. You will walk away from a boundless conversation, filled with insight, experience, some wonderful catch phrases (too tempting not to repeat), and a perspective and vision that will enlighten and inspire.

Growing up the son of a Preacher,  Neely spent many weekends with family working in shelters and volunteering for various causes.  That spirit has serve him and his community well and his willingness to give and volunteer is something so deeply ingrained in him it has become part of his DNA.

Loring graduated from Presbyterian College in Clinton, South Carolina.  He then moved to Columbia to begin his adult life.  Majoring in History but building a life in technology with Non-bank financial firms prior to founding Matrix.

Neely is a proud board member of Telecom For Change. Telecom For Change is a professional organization comprised of the some of the top leaders in the industry who are focused on providing aid to charitable organizations in the context of the Channel Sales Partners community.


John DeLozier

President, Intelisys

John DeLozier is a key member of the 8×8 leadership team and holds the position of Channel Chief, VP Channel strategy and execution. John is highly decorated and well-respected in the channel community bringing more than 20 years of experience in business management and channel development. John’s charge includes overseeing the development and execution of the 8×8 partner program. John comes to 8×8 from CenturyLink, where he helped create the award-winning Channel Alliance Partner Program.

His career includes co-founding and running ACT, a system integration and application development company focusing on unified communications and collaboration (UCC) and call center implementations. ACT was widely recognized as the Avaya VAR communities preferred Platinum Services Partner. After selling ACT to Cross Telecom, he became Executive Vice President of that organization, handling Sales and Marketing, where the company maintained incredible growth based on his efforts. Cross was sold to Arrow Electronics, where John stayed on as Global Head of Sales and was successful for many years.

John graduated from The Rinker School of Business, at Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach, Florida, with a degree in Business Management and Religion. John lives in South Florida with his wife Johanna and has 5 wonderful children.